Despite recent attempts to skew the facts, Wood Pallets are the most sustainable, cost effective, and environmentally friendly shipping platform available. Over the past 60 years, the wood pallet has proven to be safe, dependable, and cost efficient.


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Each Wood Pallet is made from a naturally occurring, easily renewable resource…Trees. Not only are pallets made from trees, they are generally manufactured from the “waste” wood that cannot be utilized for furniture, woodworking, or building construction.

There are more trees in the United States today than there were 70 years ago, and nearly 1/3 of the country is covered in trees. At current harvest rates the number of new trees still increases annually. Compare that to pallets manufactured from Oil Based materials.

On average Wood Pallets are recycled or repaired dozens of times before they are deemed unusable. At the end of their life, over 97% of wood pallets are further recycled in to Boiler Fuel, Mulch, Wood Pellets, or animal bedding. Further reducing our dependence on depleting fossil fuels.

Environmental Impact

Woodford Logistics Buys and Sells Wood Shipping Pallets in Georgia, Ohio and Southeast

The manufacture of wood pallets requires minimal energy usage when compared to the manufacture of shipping platforms manufactured from other sources. The abundant availability of wood in most regions of the country also reduces shipping costs and the pollution associated with the transportation industry.

Wood Pallets and trees are carbon neutral. Unlike shipping platforms that require fossil fuels, Wood Pallets will not release harmful materials into the atmosphere. Even a wood pallet that is not efficiently recycled, will eventually be reclaimed by mother nature.

Cost Effective & Durable

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  • New Wood Pallets are estimated at approximately 20% of the cost of a New Plastic Pallet.
  • Users of Recycled Wood Pallets are estimated to realize a net savings of over 40% when compared to a Pooled Rental Pallet Alternative.
  • Wood Stringer Pallets are easily and efficiently repaired when compared to plastic or block pallet alternatives.
  • Wood Pallets can easily be designed and altered to meet specific load requirements.
  • Wood Pallets are extremely durable under load. The natural properties of wood ensure that it will meet user requirements when manufactured and handled properly.