Woodford Logistics provides a variety of services that help your organization reach its goals.

If you are attempting to reach a sustainability objective, reduce pallet related costs, or improve operational efficiencies, Woodford Logistics offers a solution for you.

Unlike many competitors, we don’t simply provide our customers with pallets. We are a LOGISTICS company that provides Pallet and Recycling services, Sustainability Assistance, and UNIT LOAD SOLUTIONS. Providing the highest level of service, reducing customer costs and making recycling transparent and reportable, are our top priorities.

We analyze each customer’s unique needs and offer services that best match the customer requirements. Our management of Pallet and Recycling needs will allow you to assure shareholders, board members, and customers that you are minimizing your company’s environmental impact.


We provide the following full suite of recycling services and offerings to help reach your objectives:

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Sell of New & Recycled Wooden Pallets and Heat Treated Export approved pallets

  • Pallet Exchange – Woodford Logistics will remove your damaged or unprocessed pallets and return pallets that meet your specific needs at no or reduced costs.
  • Custom Pallet Design – Custom pallets may be designed to match your specific product, ensuring the most cost effective platform to ensure a safe delivery
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Purchase and Recovery of Damaged and Surplus Pallets

  • Pallet Purchase Programs – Woodford Logistics will pay a premium price for your recyclable pallets, repair them, and sell them to a local company seeking a shipping platform.
  • Pallet Recovery – Woodford Logistics will customize a program to recover your shipping pallets from your customers, efficiently return the pallets to your facility, and reduce the need to manufacture and purchase additional pallets.
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Pallet Inventory and Management

  • Pallet Inventory Management – Woodford Logistics will manage your pallet inventory to ensure you have a continuous JIT supply of pallets.
  • Pallet Performance Analysis – Woodford Logistics will utilize computer models to analyze the performance of your pallet, ensuring it meets your unique handling requirements using the fewest components possible
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Repair and Returns Pallet Program

  • Pallet Sorting and Repair – Woodford Employees will sort your company’s pallets at your facility or ours, reducing transportation costs and reducing the need to purchase additional pallets.
  • Corrugated and Plastic Removal and Recycling – Woodford Logistics will sweep all recyclable items from your back dock, helping your company improve efficiencies and increase revenue. Maximize dock door utilization, eliminate double handling of recyclables, and simplify recycling programs by loading all recyclables on designated Woodford Logistics trailers.
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Additional Standard Services

  • Delivery and Trailer Exchange with-in 24 hours
  • Drop Trailer availability
  • Detailed report availability for all pallet related activity
  • Professional customer service
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