Woodford Logistics in Florence Kentucky/Cincinnati Ohio

Woodford is a Logistics company that provides Pallet and Recycling services, Sustainability Assistance, and UNIT LOAD SOLUTIONS to businesses in the Florence, Kentucky and Cincinnati, Ohio area. We provide the highest level of service, reducing customer costs and make recycling transparent and reportable.

Woodford provides a full suite of pallet recycling services in Florence Kentucky and surrounding areas.

  • Selling New & Recycled Wooden Pallets and Heat Treated Export approved pallets
  • Pallet Exchange – we remove your damaged or unprocessed pallets, and return pallets at no or reduced cost
  • Custom Pallet Design – Custom pallets may be designed to match your specific product

Woodford provides a sustainable outlet for purchasing, recovery of damaged or surplus pallets and pallet inventory management for businesses in Florence, Kentucky and Cincinnati, Ohio.

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  • Pallet Recovery – we customize a program to recover your shipping pallets from your customers
  • Pallet Inventory Management – managing pallet inventory to ensure you have a continuous JIT supply of pallets.
  • Pallet Performance Analysis – monitoring the performance of your pallet, ensuring it meets your unique handling requirements using the fewest components possible
  • Pallet Sorting & Repair – Sorting your company’s pallets at your facility or ours, reducing transportation costs and reducing the need to purchase additional pallets.
  • Corrugated and Plastic Removal & Recycling – Sweeping all recyclable items from your back dock, helping your company improve efficiency and increase revenue. Maximize dock door utilization, eliminate double handling of recyclables, and simplify recycling programs by loading all recyclables on designated Woodford Logistics trailers.

Contact Woodford Logistics in Florence, Kentucky and Cincinnati, Ohio or surrounding areas to learn more.

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email: info@woodfordlogistics.com