Woodford Logistics Affiliate Companies

At Woodford Logistics we understand that we cannot stand alone in todays competitive environment. To ensure we are positioned to provide our current and prospective customers with the best possible solutions, we have partnered or affiliated ourselves with a number of organizations.

Buckeye Diamond Logistics

Buckeye Diamond Logistics, Inc.Woodford Logistics operates as a subsidiary of Buckeye Diamond Logistics (BDL). BDL is an industry leader in the areas of Pallet Management, Shipping Materials, and Sustainability.

PALNET – Buy and Sell Pallets Buy and Sell Pallets - Redefining the Pallet BusinessPALNET is a single source provider for national companies. As a member owned organization, PALNET provides customers the opportunity to consolidate pallet purchasing while allowing each facility to develop a relationship with their local pallet supplier.

Lovett Pallet Recycling

Lovett Pallet Recycling is a sister company to Woodford Logistics and is the Premier Pallet Services provider in Indiana and Greater Indianapolis.