Sustainable Logistics and Business Practices

We understand you have options when selecting service providers. As you evaluate prospective business partners please consider the following:

  • At Woodford Logistics, we are not only committed to providing customers the opportunity to profitably operate a sustainable, environmentally friendly business; we are committed to operating an environmentally and socially friendly business ourselves.
  • As a family owned company, we don’t allow the quest for profits to overshadow our moral, social, and environmental responsibilities.

Sustainable Business Practices

Woodford Logisitics eco-friendly wood pallets.jpgWe reach our own sustainability objectives by recycling over 99.9% of the pallets and materials we recover from the customers we service. And unlike many competitors, the men and women who process those materials each day are screened to ensure they are legally eligible to work in the United States. Eligible employees are also provided the opportunity to participate in a company subsidized health insurance program, offered a retirement plan with company matching, and provided paid personal and vacation days.

During good economic periods and bad, Woodford Logistics continues to pay a competitive wage and offer a benefit package, while creating new job opportunities for dozens of people in your community. Both our employees and our management/ownership team appreciate the opportunity to service your business.

Sustainable Packaging Solutions

WoodfordLogistics Practices Sustainable and Environmentally Packing Solutions with Natures Packaging.jpg
Woodford Logistics shares the values and mission of Nature Packaging by promoting the use of wood based packaging and pallet solutions to its clients.  Wooden packaging solutions provide a sustainable, responsible and economical packaging solution without compromising quality.

Learn more by visiting Nature’s Packaging about the environmental benefits associated to wood packaging.